Hiking And Trekking Tours in Sri Lanka - 3 Days

If you are a hiker / trekker passionate, hiking in Sri Lanka in this varied country and lush hills await you with everything but a lack of adventure and thrills. Hiking and trekking holidays in Sri Lanka promise exciting moments and precious memories. Throughout this country, there are many possibilities for pleasant hikes and difficult trekkes. Fortunately, we know where to find them!

Best Locations : Trekking

  1. Horton Plains Trekking

The enigmatic Horton Plains National Park, which is characterized by beautiful forests and vast meadows, and located near Belihuloya, offers excellent walks in a unique setting. The highlights of the park include the spectacular 880 meter waterfall at the end of the world and the Baker’s Falls.

  1. Adam’s Peak Trekking

The view from the top of the famous Adam summit is better if you start the climb at night and arrive at sunrise. Live the magical moment where the shadow of the summit is projected to perfection on the clouds and it will be without a doubt one of your most memorable experiences!

  1. Knuckles Range Trekking

If you visit Kandy, the proud capital of the mountains, you should not miss to explore the rugged and beautiful mountains of the beautiful Knuckle Range. This mountain range stretches over an impressive area of ​​155 km² and includes five large forest formations, a variety of rare and endemic flora and fauna, breathtaking scenery and an ideal place for trekking in Sri Lanka. It is a paradise for hikers, with many trails crossing clear rivers, dense forests, waterfalls and lush tea plantations, terraced rice fields and colorful gardens.

Best Locations : Hiking

The central province of the country is full of exciting landscapes awaiting you on hikes in Sri Lanka. Places like Belihuloya, Bandarawela, Haputale, Nuwara Eliya and the Knuckles are beautiful areas in the heart of the mountains with a cool and refreshing climate. They are an excellent starting point for a wide variety of hikes. tours through the jungle, through rice paddies and mountains. The rivers and numerous waterfalls of Sri Lanka are another key attraction that allows hikers to enjoy a refreshing dip en route!

Sri Lanka’s trekking tours in the Teeland region of Bandarawela and the nearby town of Ella are famous for many exciting walks and hikes, including Little Adam’s Peak, Ella Rock and Namunukula.

Hiking in Sri Lanka is not complete without visiting the fascinating rainforest of Sinharaja, known for its impressive biodiversity and trekking options, from nature trails to day hikes.

Conditions that may Affect Grading

  • bike distance
  • Average altitude and gain and altitude loss
  • Trail conditions
  • Level of hike required
  • Temperature range and probable weather conditions
  • Humidity level (which can easily go from 70% to 90%)
  • Distance from services and general comfort level

With scoring, we would like to provide you with a total indicator that allows you to compare a trip with another. Please note, however, that absolutely specific gradations can not be proposed as various factors contribute to the course and weather conditions.

Weather Conditions in Sri Lanka

The lowlands have a tropical climate with an average temperature of 27 ° C, while the central highlands with temperatures up to 14 ° C are much cooler. The southeastern monsoon brings rains from May to July in the western, southwestern and central regions, while the northwestern monsoon occurs in the north and east of the country in December. and in January. In Sri Lanka, the travel climate is generally good all year round.

Day 1

• Arrival to Belihuloya

• Check in to the hotel / campsite

• Leisure time in the afternoon

• Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel / campsite

Surrounded by rugged mountain landscapes, the calm waters of Samanalawewa Reservoir provide an idyllic place for canoeing. Whether sailing for a few hours, venturing to the mouth of the Belihuloya River or exploring the edge of the reservoir for a full day, you’ll have an unforgettable experience. An experienced guide will provide you with the appropriate technology, safety instructions and a modern lifejacket.


Belihuloya is a small picturesque town in the province of Sabaragamuwa, 616 meters above sea level. The beautiful hill is a climate transition zone that connects dry and wet lands to hills and lowlands, making it one of the most diverse places in Sri Lanka – and an ideal place for nature lovers! Belihuloya is in perfect harmony with nature and offers a wonderful setting for all kinds of adventures, from climbing to canoeing and hiking. Here you can enjoy picturesque waterfalls, historical sites and nature trails.

Day 2

• Transfer to Horton Plains with packed breakfast and lunch.

• 6 km trail to Baker’s Falls and World’s End in Horton Plains National Park.

• 15/21 km trek, or vehicle transfer to Bambarakanda.

• Refreshing bath at the waterfall.

• 6 km trek / vehicle transfer to Kalupahana and return to Belihuloya.

• Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel / campsite


Horton Plains National Park: 6 km, grading soft

Bambarakanda Waterfall: 15/21 km, grading moderate / hard

The famous Horton Plain is a nature reserve with a beautiful landscape of hills, forests and meadows. On the highest plateau of the island, which covers about 10,000 hectares, live 24 species of mammals, including moose, deer, giant squirrel, wild boar, wild hare, porcupine and leopard.

At Horton Plains, visit Baker’s Falls first. To reach them, deviate from the main path and go down for about 500 m. From the waterfall, continue to the end of the world – the famous escarpment that descends from 880 meters to the lowlands of the southern region of the island. When the clouds clear, the misty cliffs offer a magnificent view of the tea plantations and the southernmost coastline.

After crossing the national park, go to Bambarakanda Falls, 21 km from the park entrance. You can travel the entire distance by car or on foot, or travel the first 6 kilometers by car to the intersection of Udaweriya Estate and start hiking from there.

The 15 km descent from Udaweriya to Bambarakanda, known as “Satan’s Steps”, leads to a faded jeep road through Kingslyn and West Haputale Estates. Because of the hairpin bends of this narrow and steep path, the road takes its name from the colonial era. The hike offers spectacular scenery through the rolling plains, tea plantations, vegetable fields, small remote villages and the majestic waterfall! The Bambarakanda waterfall, 240 meters high, is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is surrounded by steep rocks and dark green forests. In the deep pool below, you can take a refreshing dip.

Day 3

• Breakfast at the hotel / campsite.

• 6 km nature trail to Kinchigune.

• Village lunch with the locals.

• Return to Belihuloya.

• Departure.



GRADING: Soft / Moderate

Kinchigune is an ancient village that has almost completely plunged into the waters of the Samanalawewa Reservoir, created in the 1980s. The inhabitants of this village have been engaged in agriculture and steel since its inception. The 6 km Discovery Trail starts at the River Garden Resort and runs along the Belihuloya Forest through rice paddies, rivers and local village houses with their extensive vegetable plantations. This is a great opportunity to learn more about local agriculture and the simple way of life in the countryside. Along the way you will see different species of birds and butterflies as well as charming little waterfalls. The trail ends at the junction of Belihuloya River and Samanalawewa Reservoir.

Price Includes:

  • Free airport pickup
  • free luxury king room with the breakfast at Diva Villa Airport Transit hotel.
  • below 12 years children 50% off
  • Service by fully air-conditioned vehicle throughout the tour.
  • Service by Tourst Board Approved driver/Chauffeur.
  • Cost of Fuel and All Tolls and Packing Fees.
  • Cost of Driver and Driver's Accommodation.
  • 2 case of mineral water bottles.

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