Discover the Indian Ocean Stars Package 2 – Mirissa – Short Term - 2 Days

Whales and Dolphin watching is the best sport in Sri Lanka.

Of the 80 cetacean species observed and identified in the world, 26 are found in the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. Sri Lanka is located in this protected area by the International Whaling Commission.

Dondra Point and Mirissa

Many experts have found that the deep southern waters of Sri Lanka on the outskirts of Dondra Point are the best in the world to observe blue and sperm whales. The whale watching season is longer than anywhere else!
While we provide our clients with fascinating natural experiences, we work with a non-profit foundation in this area to create jobs for young people from tsunami-affected areas.
From December to April are the best months for watching whales and dolphin in Mirissa and you have the best opportunities to start your excursion early in the morning!


Compared to Dondra, whale watching in Kalpitiya is rare, but it is one of the best places to laugh and call dolphins. Rotary dolphins in Kalpitiya will offer hundreds or maybe even thousands of shows.
In this area, we work with the community to encourage them to provide much needed income from fishery income and to protect their species.
The best months for dolphins observed in Kalpitiya is from November to April and the morning is best time for watching whales and dolphins.

Best Practices

  • Bring plenty of sunscreen, a hat and your camera / binos.
  • Do not feed any wild animals. Coming near your boat doesn’t mean they want your food.
  • Do not compel your guide / boatman to take the boat too close to them.
  • Obey all safety rules given by the crew.

Day 1

• Warmly welcome.

• Transfer to Mirissa.

Surrounded by rubber and coconut farms, ancient temples, spice gardens, natural gentlemen and exotic wildlife, Mirissa is famous for its long whale watching season, but still retains the charm of an idyllic fishing village. The beautiful Crescent Beach is a true paradise for those who love the sun and the sea!

Surrounded by rubber and coconut plants, in ancient temples, spices, nature reserves and exotic wildlife, has been known for whale watch for a long time, and it retains the charm of a beautiful fishing village. A sick beach is recommended for anyone who loves the true paradise for the sun and the sea!

• Relaxing on the pristine beach of Mirissa in the afternoon.

• Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 2

• Early in the morning proceed to Mirissa harbour.

• Whales watching excursion.

And of the south of Sri Lanka, which is the world’s best places to see blue whales, on the shore of the great sea, and in the time, there is a longer time than in other places. From November to April, whales, while travel agents traveling from the Horn of Africa in the Arabian sea, can be seen in the waters around Sri Lanka. Sperm whale sleeves appearance that she thought Bryde, dwarf sperm whale, dolphin shaggy strip of dolphins and porpoises Indopazifischer can be observed.

More about the whale watching excursion:

According to Charles Anderson, a marine biologist pioneering whale and dolphin watching, Sri Lanka’s deep sea is an ideal location in the Indian Ocean and a whaling lobster due to the seasonal monsoon currents.

Most blue whales can be seen from the continental shelf, but the sperm whales swim more in the water near transport vehicles passing through Dondra Head, the southernmost point of the entire Indian continent, as well as Sri Lanka.

Monsoon produces seasonal plankton flowers. India and Sri Lanka, which serves as a reflux funnel that covers highlands and deep waters near the coast, makes Sri Lanka’s southern coastline an ideal place to watch the giants of the sea.

• Return to the hotel.

• Time to leave from the hotel.

Price Includes:

  • Free airport pickup
  • free luxury king room with the breakfast at Diva Villa Airport Transit hotel.
  • below 12 years children 50% off
  • Service by fully air-conditioned vehicle throughout the tour.
  • Service by Tourst Board Approved driver/Chauffeur.
  • Cost of Fuel and All Tolls and Packing Fees.
  • Cost of Driver and Driver's Accommodation.
  • 2 case of mineral water bottles.

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Discover the Indian Ocean Stars Package 2 – Mirissa – Short Term
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